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Model 4941 SwiftNet VxWorks Developer's Library

This product is no longer available for new designs.




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SwiftNet is a powerful networking protocol that links your workstation and software development tools to your DSP processors. SwiftNet treats DSP processors as network devices and supports all possible combinations of platforms, tools and boards, thereby improving the overall development environment.

SwiftNet is based on an applications programming interface (API). The SwiftNet API is a collection of C-language library functions that allow you to utilize the powerful communication protocols of SwiftNet within custom programs, giving you the interoperability that is needed in multiplat-form systems.

SwiftNet is the ultimate host-to-target link for DSP code development because it adapts easily to any system configuration from simple single-processor boards to extensive multiprocessor systems in remote locations. Since it is based on the TCP/IP protocol, it even makes DSP development over the internet or intranets practical.


Hardware and Software Manuals - ( top )

Please note that some hardware and software manuals are used for more than one Pentek product. Although the model numbers given in the description of each manual below may vary, these manuals are all used for the product described on this web page.

Part No.
800.49410 User's Guide SwiftNet Node Software for VXWorks - Release version 4.2.1 4.2.1 (1/10/2003)
800.4941B User's Guide SwiftNet Node Software for VxWorks - Beta version 4.2 C.2 (10/29/2002)

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