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SPARK Development System Overview

SPARK Fully-Integrated Development Systems The SPARK® family are fully-integrated PC development systems for Pentek's software-defined radio (SDR), data acquisition and I/O boards. It was created to save engineers and system integrators the time and expense associated with building and testing a development system that ensures optimum performance of Pentek boards.

A fully-integrated system-level solution, the SPARK family provides the user with a streamlined out-of-the-box experience. They come preconfigured with Pentek hardware, drivers and software examples installed and tested to allow development engineers to run example applications out of the box.

All SPARK development systems come with all software and hardware installed and ready for immediate operation. Please contact Pentek to configure a system that matches your specific requirements.

Product Overview
SPARK Product

A Quick Look at SPARK Development Systems

ReadyFlow and Navigator Board Support Packages (BSPs)

SPARK systems are delivered with board-appropriate software installed:

Users of high-performance data acquisition and signal processing boards often find themselves frustrated by the fact that when their new devices are delivered, they are unable to put them to immediate use. Because these boards are largely software-controlled and offer a flexible range of functionality, a certain amount of programming is generally necessary to put the new cards through their paces. Then, if something does not go as planned, there is no way of knowing for sure whether the problem lies with the new code, or with the hardware itself.

To address this issue, Pentek has developed BSPs for all its board-level products. Pentek's BSPs contain C-language examples that can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of Pentek products. They provide sample code that is known to work, giving new users a means of verifying that their board set is operational.

Pentek's BSPs are designed to reduce development time not only during the initial stages, but any time new hardware is added to the system. All packages are built with a consistent style and function-naming convention. Similar parameters on different boards have similar function calls, thereby allowing immediate familiarity with new hardware as it's added, further shortening the learning curve. The BSP command line interface provides access to precompiled executable examples that operate the hardware right out of the box, without the need to write any code.

Navigator Design Suite

Navigator Design Suite

Pentek Navigator® Design Suite takes a new approach to solving FPGA IP and control software connectivity. Most modern FPGA-processing applications require development of specialized FPGA IP to run on the hardware, and software to control the FPGA hardware from a host computer.

ReadyFlow Software

ReadyFlow drivers and board support libraries

Pentek ReadyFlow® drivers and board support libraries are preinstalled and tested with the SPARK development systems. ReadyFlow includes example applications with full source code, a command line interface for custom control over hardware, and Pentek's Signal Analyzer* (not supported on 64-bit Linux), a full-featured analysis tool that continuously displays live signals in both time and frequency domains.

Software Defined Radio Handbook
Written by Rodger Hosking, Vice President and Co-founder of Pentek

Software Defined Radio has revolutionized electronic systems for a variety of applications that include communications, data acquisition and signal processing. Recently updated, this handbook shows how DDCs (Digital Downconverters), the fundamental building block of software radio, can replace legacy analog receiver designs while offering significant performance, density, and cost benefits.

Pentek Software Defined Radio Handbook
Software Defined
Radio Handbook

SPARK Development Systems

SPARK Fully-Integrated Development Systems

Pentek's SPARK Development Systems are the quickest way to get up and running and start your application development.

Each SPARK system includes Pentek hardware and software installed and tested allowing immediate "out of the box" deployment saving engineers and system integrators the time and expense associated with building and testing a development system that ensures optimum performance of Pentek boards.
Product Overview
SPARK Product
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Pricing and Availability

For the latest pricing, delivery and available options, please fill out this form and your request will be delivered to the appropriate department. To learn more about our products or to discuss your specific application please contact our sales department at SDL-sales@mrcy.com, 201-818-5900 or contact your local representative.

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