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Pentek Partners

Below are some of Pentek's partners who provide complimentary products or services. Some of these offerings include custom software development, system integration and more.

Concurrent Technologies Concurrent Technologies

About Concurrent Technologies

Concurrent Technologies is an international ISO 9001:2008 company specializing in the design and manufacture of Intel® processor boards and complementary products used to construct modular, open systems for critical embedded applications. For more than 30 years, Concurrent Technologies has been a trusted supplier to many of the world's leading integrators in the defense, security, aerospace, telecommunications, transportation, industrial, energy and medical markets.

Concurrent Technologies offers a flexible range of single board computers from low power Intel® AtomTM scaling to Intel® CoreTM and Intel® XeonTM based designs to support higher performance applications. A number of firmware and software options are available to enable these processor boards to boot more quickly, enhance their security and to make them easier to interconnect using a variety of serial fabrics. Concurrent Technologies has a number of complementary hardware products including switched fabric boards, I/O mezzanine modules and carriers, mass storage interfaces and boards and partners with Pentek to provide data acquisition, software radio and signal processing solutions. These are based on open standards such as OpenVPX, AdvancedMC®, CompactPCI®, VME, XMC and PMC and are available in a range of environmental options suitable for benign air cooled to rugged conduction cooled deployments.

DRS Signal Solutions DRS Signal Solutions

About DRS

DRS Signal Solutions is a global systems company dedicated to making the intelligent connections needed to deliver innovative solutions to their customers. They have international reach on all continents as a prime contractor and systems integrator in the air, land, sea, space, and command and control market sectors.

The DRS Signal Solutions Advanced Systems Group in Gaithersburg, MD, offers innovative, state-of-the-art communications equipment for signal surveillance, communication intelligence, direction finding and signal processing applications.

Since their origin as Watkins-Johnson, they have an over 40-year heritage of developing and engineering high-quality, high-performance receivers, tuners, demodulators and signal analyzers capable of processing signals within a frequency range of 20 Hz to 18 GHz.

DRS and Pentek

By combining DRS RF tuners and receivers with Pentek software radio solutions, the system designer can configure extremely flexible and powerful solutions tailored to specific application needs.

See Interoperability of VITA Radio Transport (VRT) Communications Standard Widely Accepted for Software Radio Market

Elma Electronic Inc Elma Electronic Inc

ELMA-Bustronic Corporation and Pentek, Inc. jointly announced a five-slot VXS system that significantly improves VME system throughput and provides full fabric support for three payload cards without the necessity of a fabric switch card.

The new switchless VXS system serves as an excellent platform for developing and testing new VXS cards and is a cost-effective platform for smaller applications and demonstration systems. Compliant to the VITA 41.x specification, the five-slot system combines three payload slots plus two conventional VME64x slots and allows design engineers to take full advantage of the VXS technology immediately.

Pentek's Model 6821,12-bit 215 MHz A/D and Dual Virtex-II Pro FPGA VME/VXS board, is the first in a family of VXS products supported with this new switchless VXS system.

See the Model 6821

FEI-Elcom Tech FEI-Elcom Tech

Engineering is our legacy. It is who we are. Elcom Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1995 as a design and manufacturing company specializing in various DRO's (Dielectric Resonance Oscillators) based RF frequency sources. Elcom experienced early success as a result of unprecedented performance in design and manufacturing.

Midwest Microwave Solutions Midwest Microwave Solutions
Midwest Microwave Solutions designs and manufactures innovative, high performance receiver and RF digitizer products for SIGINT, COMINT, SDR, and ELINT applications. MMS's RF products feature miniature, high dynamic range front ends tunable from 30-6000MHz that include embedded preselect filters and low noise, fast tuning synthesizers. The RF digitizer products feature open-architecture, customer flashable DSP's & FPGA's, time tagging, and up to 25MHz digitized spectrum. Midwest Microwave Solutions also provides very quick turn (QRC) design capability to support customers as requirements and threats continually change.
Nova Integration Solutions Nova Integration Solutions

NOVA Integration Solutions (NIS) is an innovative Advanced Packaging supplier and an expert in customizing electronic enclosures to include the design, manufacture, integration and testing of Mission Critical rugged industrial and MIL spec chassis and enclosures. These custom solutions often contain embedded computers to include other highly-sophisticated electronic devices. They typically require high reliability, an extreme power supply solution, a robust cooling system and the use of innovative carbon fiber light-weight materials that must operate in harsh environments. These enclosures are primarily utilized in military portable shelters, ground mobile vehicles (LRUs), aircraft (ATRs) and on maritime ships to include other related industries such as oil exploration and at mining facilities.

RunTime Computing Solutions RunTime Computing Solutions
Runtime Computing Solutions, LLC is a privately held woman owned and operated company focused on the high performance embedded and scalable computing space. The company's flagship software products, MPI/Pro® and VSI/Pro®, enable customers to achieve maximum benefits in the realm of both parallel computing and visual and signal image processing applications. Company services include, code optimization, training, and solutions architecture engagements.
Samtec Samtec

Samtec, Inc., is a privately held worldwide interconnect company, including a variety of P.C. Board level interconnects, IC-packaging, micro integration, and signal integrity solutions. Samtec's full engineering support and unmatched design tools enable miniaturization, integration and high data rates throughout your entire system. Samtec sales growth rate has consistently outpaced the interconnect industry for the past thirty years and has come from placing resources where they matter most to customers: customer service and product development. Samtec is consistently ranked #1 in Bishop and Associates' annual "Customer Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry" for service, quality and overall performance. Samtec is QS-9001 registered with a 5-A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating.

Texas Instruments Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments provides innovative DSP and analog technologies to meet real world signal processing requirements. Pentek offers unique, fully scalable digital signal processor boards for Texas Instruments fixed- and floating-point solutions with the C6000 and C3x/C4x processors.

Aimed specifically at DSP development, TI's Code Composer Studio offers advanced features that allow designers to edit, build, debug, profile, and manage projects from a single, unified environment.

Wind River Wind River

Wind River is a global leader in delivering software for the Internet of Things (IoT). The companys technology has been powering the safest, most secure devices in the world since 1981 and today is found in more than 2 billion products. Wind River offers a comprehensive edge-to-cloud product portfolio that is backed by world-class global professional services, award-winning customer support, and a broad partner ecosystem. Wind River software and expertise are accelerating digital transformation of critical infrastructure systems that demand the highest levels of safety, security, performance, and reliability. To learn more, visit www.windriver.com.

Xilinx Xilinx

Xilinx is the world's leading innovator of programmable logic solutions. Pentek utilizes the high-performance Virtex series FPGAs in many of our products including AMC, XMC, FMC, PMC, cPCI, PCIe, VME and VPX boards, systems and more. Pentek's innovative GateFlow FPGA Design Kit works for Pentek FPGA products in conjunction with the Virtex parts.

Certified Partner in the Xilinx Alliance ProgramAs a Certified Member of Xilinx's Alliance program, Pentek has passed a comprehensive 320-point review of our technical, business, quality, and support processes and have committed engineers who completed the same rigorous training used by Xilinx Field Application Engineers worldwide. Pentek continues to demonstrate years of expertise with Xilinx devices and implementation techniques and consistently delivers high-quality products and services utilizing Xilinx programmable platforms.

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