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Fall Vol. 22, No. 2

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Video Spotlight:

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View: SystemFlow Software for Talon Recorders Video

SystemFlow Signal Viewer
Topics include: API, GUI, Signal Viewer and Analyzer, Libraries, and the NTFS system

Video Spotlight:

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View: Cobalt Model 78670 Product Video

Cobalt Model 78621
4-Channel 1.25 GHz, 16-bit D/A with Virtex-6 FPGA - PCIe

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Product Overview
Product Overview
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Company Profile

Literature Request

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Processors in server-class workstations have become powerful enough to contend for some of the most demanding real-time embedded applications. Integrating these cost-effective platforms with the open-architecture board-level products required for government and military applications poses significant challenges for system designers.

Adequate cooling of these power-hungry boards to assure reliable system operation is a critical need. Cooling strategies discussed in this article include:

  • Workstation Benefits & Limitations
  • Cooling by Design
  • Effective Fan Strategies
  • Card Relocation


Ten temperature sensors distributed around the Pentek Model 71760 XMC module to ensure valid monitoring of cooling effectiveness.

New OpenVPX

  • Rugged, conduction-cooled OpenVPX boards with Xilinx FPGAs for demanding military and avionics applications
  • Readily integrate custom FPGA IP
  • 15 Watt power savings
  • 20% reduction in costs

Model 8266

The Model 8266 resolves the typical hardware and software compatibility obstacles inherent in new PC development platforms. All hardware is installed in appropriate slots with proper cabling, power and cooling strategies, and optimized BIOS.

Product Focus

LVDS Digital I/O with Virtex-6 FPGA - 3U VPX


  • 32 bits of LVDS digital I/O
  • One LVDS clock
  • One LVDS data valid
  • One LVDS data suspend
  • Supports LXT and SXT Virtex-6 FPGAs
  • DMA controller moves data to and from system memory
  • Up to 2 GB of DDR3 SDRAM
Model 52610
Model 52610

Cobalt Virtex-6

Product Focus

High-Speed Clock Generator - 3U VPX


  • Provides sample clock for up to four separate 3U VPX Cobalt or Onyx boards
  • Locks to user-supplied 10 MHz reference clock or on-board reference
  • OCXO provides an exceptionally precise clock
Model 5294
Model 5294

Featured Videos


Model 53662From radar applications to telecommunications and signal intelligence, communications solutions must be able to handle high-channel count applications where wide decimations and a large spectrum of frequency ranges can be covered. In this video, Pentek's Robert Sgandurra explains how these challenging problems can be overcome and explores the Model 53662 4-Channel 200 MHz A/D with 32-Channel DDC with Virtex-6 FPGA VPX Board.

Model 78621Pentek vice president and co-founder Rodger Hosking demonstrates how the Model 78621, 3-Channel 200 MHz A/D with DDC and 2-Channel 800 MHz D/A with DUC, Virtex-6 FPGA - PCle board provides complete software radio transceiver solutions and delivers excellent dynamic range for advanced military radios, radar, beamforming and communication applications.

What's New

Press Releases

August 26, 2013
Pentek Introduces LVDS Digital I/O Module for Control and Data Capture Applications

  • Provides 32-pairs of LVDS digital I/O
  • User-configurable Virtex-6 FPGA
  • Available in XMC, VPX, CompactPCI, AMC and PCIe
  • Rugged, conduction-cooled option for demanding military and avionics applications

July 15, 2013
Pentek Expands OpenVPX Product Line While Reducing Power Requirements and Costs

  • Rugged, conduction-cooled OpenVPX boards with Xilinx FPGAs for demanding military and avionics applications
  • 18 diverse 3U OpenVPX products to select from
  • Readily integrate custom FPGA IP
  • 15 Watt power savings
  • 20% reduction in costs

Upcoming Events

Shows & Seminars

Oct 8, 2013
NCSI - Vandenberg AFB
Vandenberg AFB
Air Force Base, Lompoc, CA

Oct 15, 2013 - Oct 18, 2013
2013 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems & Technology
The Westin Hotel
70 Third Avenue , Waltham, MA

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