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Winter 2009-2010 Vol. 18, No. 3 

Xilinx Virtex-6
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Product TechCast
Download: 8-Channel Aurora Beamforming Demo!

Free Technical Resources:

High-Speed Switched Serial Fabrics Improve System DesignHigh-Speed Switched Serial
Fabrics Improve System Design

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Software Defined Radio HandbookSoftware Defined Radio

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Putting FPGAs to Work for Software Radio HandbookPutting FPGAs to Work for
Software Radio Handbook

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Critical Techniques for High Speed A/D Converters in Real-Time Systems HandbookCritical Techniques for High
Speed A/D Converters in
Real-Time Systems Handbook

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Literature Request

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Signal Processing Interview by Open Architecture Review (OAR) with Rodger Hosking, Pentek Vice President and Cofounder

Rodger Hosking has seen many generations of signal processing come and go. In his interview, he discusses a variety of current topics of interest with Open Architecture Review, including the emergence of point-to-point serial links, the roles of VXS and VPX, mezzanine trends, the FPGA phenomenon and the uncertain future of general-purpose DSPs in military and government electronics.

Signal processsing interview

"We just announced a family of beamforming products that use PCI Express for controlling and loading data on and off the modules, but they also use the Aurora protocol."

- Rodger Hosking, Pentek Vice President and Cofounder

Product Focus

Model 71620 Cobalt®
Software Radio XMC with Virtex-6 FPGA is the First Member of the Pentek Cobalt® Family
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Model 71620 Figure 1

Model 7153 Beamformer
4-Channel Beamformer with four 200 MHz 16-bit A/Ds
Model 7153 Figure 1 Product TechCast Request a quote

Application: 8-Channel Aurora Beamforming System
Download a 10-minute Product Techcast demonstration of Two Model 7153 Beamformer PMC/XMC modules installed on the Model 4207 I/O Processor board.

Upcoming Events
Shows & Seminars

March 18, 2010
FPGA Virtual Summit Online Seminar
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
DSP Applications: Improve your DSP designs with FPGAs

April 13, 2010
Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference
Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place Hotel
200 Rialto Place, Melbourne, FL

Press Release

December 15, 2009
Pentek Introduces Specialized Beamforming Module for PC Platforms

  • Channel Summation Across Multiple Boards
  • Programmable Phase and Gain Adjustments
  • Built-In Power Monitors and Power Threshold Detectors
  • Multi-Channel Turnkey Subsystem for PCs or Blade Servers
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