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Affordable Recorder Ships From Stock
The RTV 2601 is a turnkey multiband recording and playback system used for recording and reproducing signals with bandwidths up to 80 MHz. The RTV RTV 2601 Talon 200 MS/sec RF/IF Value Rackmount Recorder
2601 uses a 16-bit, 200 MHz A/D converter to provide real-time sustained recording rates to disk of up to 400 MB/sec and ships from stock.

"Pentek's Talon® high-speed real-time recording systems are designed to satisfy the requests of engineers looking for complete system solutions that are ready to run right out of-the-box. And with Pentek's SystemFlow's® signal viewer tools, it couldn't be simpler."

- Chris Tojeira, Systems Manager

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SystemFlow Recording Software SystemFlow® is the user interface software that comes with every Talon Recording System. This software includes a graphical user interface for control of the recorder & signal analysis and a C-callable API that allows the integration of the recorder into a larger system or to design a custom user interface.

QuickPac Drive Packs QuickPac™ is Pentek's drive packaging technology that is included in the RTX series of Talon Recording Systems. QuickPacs are designed to allow users to remove and replace large volumes of data storage in a Talon Recorder with minimum down time.

SystemFlow Simulator for Talon Recording Systems

Login or register to download and install the free SystemFlow® Simulator to your desktop or laptop PC. Pentek's SystemFlow Simulator software package simulates SystemFlow® recording software, which is installed on all Talon® recording systems.

The SystemFlow Simulator allows you to learn how to use the Talon recording system's SystemFlow software interface before you acquire a recorder. The Simulator can simulate the operating environment of all the different Talon recorder models.

Download SystemFlow Simulator
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Recording System Product Select Tool

High-Speed, Real-Time Recording Systems Handbook
Written by Rodger Hosking, Vice President and Co-founder of Pentek

In today's world of high-speed A/D converters real-time signal recording has become a challenging task that requires specialized hardware and intelligent application software. When designing a real-time recorder capable of streaming sustained data to disk, the system developer has to consider the limitations presented by the recorder's operating and file systems, the limitations of disk drive technology, the hardware interfaces, and the RAID controller technology.

Fortunately for the application developer, serial fabrics have emerged to provide the high-speed interfaces required to move this data; disk drive and RAID HBAs (Host-Bus Adapters) have begun to exploit serial interfaces; finally, the emergence of SSD (Solid State Drive) technology provides a performance level previously unattainable in real-time recording systems.

High-Speed, Real-Time Recording Systems Handbook

Recording System Questionnaire

Need assistance selecting the best high-speed recording system? Let our system engineers customize the perfect system for your specific needs. Complete Pentek's recording system questionnaire, by clicking here.

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