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Pentek's New Carrier Board Enables High-Performance Applications in the Emerging PCI Express Environment

  • Develop Applications on Low-cost PCs and Blade Servers
  • Optimize High-Speed Interboard and System Communication
  • Move Data at Speeds of 2 Gigabytes per Second
  • Provide Onboard Cooling for Improved System Airflow
  • Support High-Power Modules (> 50 Watts)
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Upper Saddle River, NJ - July 28, 2009 - Pentek, Inc., today released the 7800 series of high-performance I/O boards built upon a versatile half-length x8 PCI Express (PCIe) 2.0 carrier board. The carrier board hosts a PMC/XMC module to fulfill a wide range of software radio, data acquisition and beamforming applications. Now designers can utilize PCI Express, FPGAs and high-speed interfaces in low-cost PCs as well as in blade servers.

"While there are many PCIe carrier boards in the market, we quickly discovered there were none built with high-performance applications in mind," said Rodger Hosking, vice president, Pentek. "Data flow requirements, cooling considerations and power consumption needed to be addressed to fulfill the performance demands of our customers. The new 7800 carrier boards are complete system solutions that satisfy all of these needs," he added.

Design Features:

"Pentek's new 7800 Series PCI Express boards bring Xilinx high-performance FPGAs to the PC environment -significantly broadening the market," said Tom Feist, Senior Marketing Director, ISE Design Suite, Xilinx. "In addition, Pentek provides flexible, custom FPGA development options with their GateFlow Design Kit enabling users to get their application design completed more quickly," he added.

The PCI Express 2.0 Carrier Board

The new 7800 carrier includes an x8 PCIe 2.0 interface, capable of plugging into an x8 or x16 slot in a PC or a blade server. As a half-length board approximately 6.5 inches long, it fits virtually any PC.

Pentek's Complement of 7800 X8 PCI Express Products

The first two digits of the model number, 78, designate the 7800 carrier board, and the second two digits identify the PMC or XMC module attached to it. At this time Pentek is introducing:

They are all fully-assembled and factory-tested PCIe assemblies, so customers can simply plug them into their systems.

In the months ahead, Pentek plans to expand the 7800 Series as new PMC/XMC modules are developed.


The family of 7800 products are sold as complete PCIe subsystems, with all the software and documentation necessary to support them. This includes the GateFlow FPGA design kits and ReadyFlow board support libraries. The 7800 product line supports Linux and Windows operating system environments.

Pricing and Availability

For the latest pricing, delivery and available options, please fill out this form and your request will be delivered to the appropriate department. To learn more about our products or to discuss your specific application please contact our sales department at sales@pentek.com, 201-818-5900 or contact your local representative.

Product Detail

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