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Model 4285 Octal TMS320C40 Processor

This product is no longer available for purchase. Contact Pentek.

Block Diagram




Life Cycle Management

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  • Scalable architecture and memory resources
  • 400 MFLOPS and 2.2 GOPS processing power
  • 50 or 60 MHz clock
  • Up to 1 MB global and local SRAM per processor
  • 512 kB boot flash EEPROM per processor
  • Up to 9 MB of main SRAM shared by all processors
  • Up to 2 MB spooler SRAM shared by all processors
  • Up to 64 MB main global DRAM shared by all processors
  • Up to 2 MB user flash EEPROM shared by all processors
  • MIX or PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) expansion bus modules
  • High-speed global bus I/O
  • Eight front panel comm ports
  • VME master and VME64 master/slave
  • RACEway and VSB interface options


Model 4285


Model 4285 Block Diagram

Please refer to the product datasheet for a larger version of the block diagram

Hardware and Software Manuals - ( top )

Please note that some hardware and software manuals are used for more than one Pentek product. Although the model numbers given in the description of each manual below may vary, these manuals are all used for the product described on this web page.

Part No.
800.00001 Supplemental Manual VMEBus MIX Tutorial A.1 (12/21/2010)
800.22110 Installation Guide Model 4285 Processor Holdown Bracket A (1/3/2000)
800.42850 Operating Manual Model 4285 Octal TMS320C40 Digital Signal Processor for VMEbus Systems C (8/12/2004)
800.42851 Operating Manual MIX Baseboard Adapter for the Model 4285 (Options 031, 036) A.2 (4/23/1999)
800.42852 Operating Manual PMC Carrier Adapter for the Model 4285 (Option 030) A.1 (8/19/1998)
800.42853 Operating Manual Pentek Model 4285 RACEway Interlink Adapter (Option 034) A (10/20/1998)
800.42854 Operating Manual Model 4285 VSB Master Interface Adapter (Options 032, 033, 035, 038, 039) A (8/27/1998)
800.42855 Operating Manual Pentek Model 4285 Expansion DRAM Adapter (Options 014, 015, 017) A.1 (9/2/1998)
800.42856 Installation Guide Cable Holdown Bracket A (1/5/2000)
800.88001 Operating Manual VMEbus DSP System for STN Atkas Elektronik Preliminary (8/13/1998)

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