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Model 4291 Configurable Quad TMS320C6701 Processor

This product is no longer available for new designs.

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  • Four TMS320C6701 floating-point DSP's operating at 167 MHz
  • 4 GFLOPS performance
  • Memory resources for each processor:
    • 16 MB SDRAM
    • 512 kB zero-wait sync burst SRAM
    • 256 kB dual port SRAM
  • I/O resources for each processor:
    • Two serial full-duplex ports for VIM I/O
    • Read/write memory access to VIM mezzanine
    • 2 x 1k x 32 bidirectional FIFO for VIM mezzanine board I/O
    • 2 x 1k x 32 bidirectional FIFO for interprocessor communication
  • Global bus resources accessible by all processors and VMEbus:
    • Four 256 kB dual port SRAM's
    • 8 kB of fast, non-volatile SRAM
    • 8 MB flash memory for 'C6701 boot code and user applications
    • 2 MB global SRAM for sharing common data
    • Memory-mapped slave expansion for other memory and I/O
  • Host port for all four processors
  • Data transfer rates up to 400 MB/sec
  • VIM interface adapters for application-specific front panel I/O
  • Optional P2 interfaces: RACEway, VSB, custom I/O
  • VME64 master/slave interface
  • VME memory-mapped J-TAG controller
  • Development tools for UNIX and Windows 95/98/NT workstations


Model 4291


Model 4291 Block Diagram

Please refer to the product datasheet for a larger version of the block diagram

Hardware and Software Manuals - ( top )

Please note that some hardware and software manuals are used for more than one Pentek product. Although the model numbers given in the description of each manual below may vary, these manuals are all used for the product described on this web page.

Part No.
800.00002 Miscellaneous VIM Specification E (6/10/2004)
800.42900 Operating Manual Operating Manual for Model 4290 and 4291 D (10/29/2002)
800.42908 Release Note Upgrading Model 4290's Boot Firmware B (12/8/2000)
800.42909 Release Note Inital Setup Preliminary (3/1/1999)
801.42900 User's Guide Model 4999 ReadyFlow Board Support Libraries for Models 4290/4291 2.3A (7/6/2004)
801.62000 User's Guide Model 4999 ReadyFlow Board Support Libraries for Pentek VIM Modules 2.1 (11/28/2000)
801.62670 User's Guide Model 4999 ReadyFlow Board Support Libraries for TMS320c62x/c67x Processors 1.1 (11/28/2000)

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