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Talon RTS 2701 Talon Real-Time Recording and Playback System with Multiband Transceiver

The Model 2701 is no longer available. Please contact Pentek for similar models.

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  • Complete dual channel transceiver recording and playback system
  • 19 inch industrial rackmount PC server chassis
  • Complete high-performance Windows Workstation
  • Two 14-bit 125 MHz A/Ds
  • One 16-bit 500 MHz D/As
  • Real-time sustained recording rates of up to 480 MBytes/sec
  • 4 Terabytes of storage to NTFS RAID disk array
  • RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and 50
  • Windows SystemFlow Record/Playback Software
  • Complete GUI with Signal Viewer Analysis Tool including virtual oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer
  • File headers include time stamping and recording parameters
  • DDC decimation and DUC interpolation range from 2 to 32,768
  • 8 kHz to 60 MHz baseband record and playback signal bandwidths
  • IF frequencies to 300 MHz
  • Ideal for communications, radar, wireless, SIGINT, telecom and satcom
  • Instrument available with solid-state drives


Model 2701

Talon RTS Commercial Recorder
Winner of the Editor's Choice Award by Military Embedded Systems magazine!
Editor's Choice
Award by Military
Embedded Systems

Model 2701 Block Diagram

Please refer to the product datasheet for a larger version of the block diagram

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