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Spring 2010 Vol. 19, No. 1

Product Focus: Model 2711 Dual-channel 500 Megasamples-per-second High-Speed Real-Time Data Recorder System


  • Complete dual channel recording system
  • 19 inch 4U industrial rack-mount PC server chassis
  • Complete high performance Windows XP workstation
  • Two 12-bit 500 MHz A/Ds, retaining
  • 8-bit samples for full-rate recording
  • Real-time aggregate sustained recording rates up to 1 GB/sec
  • 4 terabytes of storage to NTFS RAID disk array
  • Hot-swap SATA drives
  • RAID levels 0, 1, and 5

  • Windows SystemFlow® recording software
  • Signal Viewer analysis tool includes virtual oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer
  • File headers include time stamping and recording parameters
  • Digitizes two analog inputs each at sampling rates to 500 megasamples per second
  • Ideal for communications, radar, wireless, SIGINT, telecom and satcom

General Information

The Pentek Model 2711 is a turnkey recording system that allows the user to record and analyze two high-bandwidth signals. The Model 2711 provides sustained, aggregate recording rates of up to 1 GB/sec forming a powerful dual-channel 4U rack-mount recording system.

The front end of the Model 2711 consists of two Pentek Model 7858 PCIe modules equipped with 500 MHz 12-bit A/D converters. The Model 2711 retains the eight most significant bits of each A/D sample to record two signals at 500 megasamples per second.

A total of 4 TB of RAID storage is provided, allowing sustained 2 TB recordings at 500 megasamples per second simultaneously on each of two channels for over one hour.

SystemFlow Software

Included with this system is Pentek's SystemFlow® recording software. A software API allows users to integrate control of the high-speed real-time recording system into larger system applications. The Model 2711 features a Windows-based GUI (graphical user interface) that provides a simple means to configure and control the system. Custom configurations can be stored as profiles and later retrieved for easy selection of preconfigured settings with a single click.

SystemFlow also includes signal viewing and analysis tools that allow the user to monitor the signal prior to, during, and after a recording session. These tools include a virtual oscilloscope and a virtual spectrum analyzer.

Built on a Windows XP Professional workstation, users can install post-processing and analysis tools to operate on the recorded data. The Model 2711 records data to the native NTFS file system, providing immediate access to the recorded data. Recorded data can be offloaded from the Model 2711 via gigabit Ethernet or USB 2.0 ports. Additionally, data can be copied to disk using the 8X double-layer DVD +R/RW drive on the front panel.

Flexible Architecture

Pentek's Model 2711 provides a flexible architecture that can be easily customized to meet user needs. Multiple RAID levels, including 0, 1, and 5, provide a choice for the required level of redundancy. The total drive capacity is 4 TB using 16 drives which are organized as two 8-drive, 2-TB arrays, one for each A/D channel.

Channels can easily be added to a recording system by adding more Model 2711 chassis. The SystemFlow software provides the capability of configuring and controlling multiple Model 2711's, enabling scalable channel count and drive capacity.

SystemFlow Signal Viewer

Advanced signal analysis capabilities include automatic calculators for signal amplitude and frequency, second and third harmonic components, THD (total harmonic distortion) and SINAD (signal to noise and distortion).

For more information and price quotation on the Model 2711, click here.

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