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Fall 2009 Vol. 18, No. 2

Product Focus: Model 2701 Rack-Mount High-Speed Real-Time Data Recording & Playback System with Multiband Transceiver


  • 19 inch industrial rack-mount PC server chassis
  • High-performance Windows workstation
  • Two 14-bit 125 MHz A/Ds
  • Two 16-bit 500 MHz D/As
  • Real-time sustained recording and playback rates up to 500 MBytes/sec
  • 5 TB storage to NTFS RAID disk array
  • RAID levels 0 ,1, 5 , 6, 10 and 50
  • Pentek SystemFlow® recording and playback software
  • Signal Viewer analysis tool includes virtual oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer
  • DDC decimation and DUC interpolation range from 2 to 32,768
  • 8 kHz to 60 MHz baseband record and playback signal bandwidths
  • Ideal for communications, radar, wireless, SIGINT, telecom and satcom

General Information

The Pentek Model 2701 is a turnkey, multiband recording and playback system that allows the user to record and reproduce high-bandwidth signals. The Model 2701 provides sustained recording and playback rates of up to 500 MB/sec in a dual-channel system and is ideal for the user that requires a powerful rack-mount recording system.

The heart of the Model 2701 is the Pentek Model 7641-420 multiband transceiver which includes recently introduced A/D and D/A converters, DDCs (digital downconverters), DUCs (digital upconverters), and an FPGA installed IP core. The architecture allows the system engineer to take full advantage of the latest technology in a turnkey system.

SystemFlow Software

Fully supported by Pentek's SystemFlow® recording software, the Model 2701 features a Windows-based GUI (graphical user interface) that provides a simple means to configure and control the system. Custom configurations can be stored as profiles and later loaded when needed, allowing the user to select preconfigured settings with a single click.

SystemFlow also includes signal viewing and analysis tools, that allow the user to monitor the signal prior to, during and after a recording session. These tools include a virtual oscilloscope and a virtual spectrum analyzer.

Built on a Windows XP Professional workstation, users can install post-processing and analysis tools to operate on the recorded data. The Model 2701 records data to the native NTFS file system thereby providing immediate access to the recorded data. Data can be offloaded via gigabit Ethernet, or USB 2.0 ports. Additionally, data can be copied to disk, using the 8X double layer DVD +–R/RW drive.

Flexible Architecture

Pentek's multiband recorder system provides a flexible architecture that is easily customized to meet the user's needs. Multiple RAID levels, including 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and 50, provide a choice for the level of redundancy that's required. Total drive capacity is 5 terabytes using ten drives.

The system supports simultaneous recording of one or two wideband A/Ds or multiband DDC channels. Two analog outputs allow recorded signals to be reproduced as either two baseband signals or one upconverted IF signal. With its wide range of programmable decimation and interpolation, the system supports signal bandwidths from 8 kHz to 60 MHz.

For more information including options, number and type of analog channels, recording rates, disk capacity, and price quotation on the Model 2701, click here.

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