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Analog Receiver Software Radio

Model 8267 SPARK 3U VPX Development System for Cobalt, Onyx and Flexor Boards
Model 8266 SPARK PC Development System for PCIe Cobalt, Onyx and Flexor Boards
Model 8264 SPARK 6U VPX Development System for Cobalt and Onyx Boards
Model 8111-007 Analog RF Slot Downconverter: 2600-3000 MHz Input
Model 8111-006 Analog RF Slot Downconverter: 2300-2700 MHz Input
Model 8111-005 Analog RF Slot Downconverter: 2000-2400 MHz Input
Model 8111-004 Analog RF Slot Downconverter: 1700-2100 MHz Input
Model 8111-003 Analog RF Slot Downconverter: 1400-1800 MHz Input
Model 8111-002 Analog RF Slot Downconverter: 1100-1500 MHz Input
Model 8111-001 Analog RF Slot Downconverter: 800-1200 MHz Input
Model 8111 Modular Analog RF Slot Downconverter Series
Model 7820 2 Channel Analog RF Wideband Downconverter - PCIe
Model 7420 4 Channel Analog RF Wideband Downconverter - 6U cPCI
Model 7320 2 Channel Analog RF Wideband Downconverter - 3U cPCI
Model 7220 2 Channel Analog RF Wideband Downconverter - 6U cPCI
Model 7120 2 Channel Analog RF Wideband Downconverter - PMC/XMC
Model 5620 2 Channel Analog RF Wideband Downconverter - AMC
Model 5220 2 Channel Analog RF Wideband Downconverter - 3U VPX

Pentek Product Segment Catalogs

Pentek's segment catalogs highlight products by function. These downloadable catalogs are available for Analog & Digital I/O, Clock & Synchronization Generators, Radar & Software Defined Radio (SDR) I/O, Software & Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Tools and High-Speed Real-Time Recording Systems.

Analog and Digital I/O Catalog
Analog & Digital
I/O Catalog
Clock and Sync Generators Catalog
Clock & Sync
Generators Catalog
Radar & SDR I/O Catalog
Radar & SDR
I/O Catalog
Software and FPGA Tools Catalog
Software & FPGA
Tools Catalog
High-Speed Recorders Catalog

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