Winter 2006/2007 Vol. 15 No. 4   


Tackling FPGA Design Challenges for Embedded Systems

This short seminar will cover a series of topics regarding FPGAs featuring an open forum for discussion and a panel of experts. Differing from traditional ecasts, this seminar strongly encourages interaction between the panel and the conference attendees throughout the ecast.

Included in the seminar panel will be Rodger Hosking, Vice President and Co-Founder of Pentek, who will present FPGA system design guidelines, pitfalls to avoid and tips for choosing the best FPGA strategy. Manuel Uhm, Senior Marketing Manager for the DSP Division, of Xilinx will be available to discuss new FPGA chip design philosophies and specifications. Chris Cuifo, Group Editorial Director of Open Systems Publishing, Military & Aerospace Group, will be moderating the ecast, representing the industry and asking the tough questions.

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